An Open Letter for Autism Awareness Nights

During the most recent group session, Brian and his friends talked about how they could continue autism empowerment beyond April.

One of the ideas they had was to write a letter to the organizations that host Autism Awareness Nights. Here is what they had to say:

Dear World,

The awareness surrounding autism has grown exponentially.

But there is room for improvement. We need to see more awareness pieces others will understand. We know you mean well but it is not enough to place graphics up on a screen. 

Please understand we are not bitter. All we want is to help others understand our world. Please hear us out. It could further educate the world. We can offer so much. We are so thankful for your help and we hope you will accept ours.

Together we can change the face of autism.


The Gang

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter for Autism Awareness Nights

  1. Carrie Stockmal says:

    Hi there! I’m wondering what kind of pieces the gang would like to see. THere’s a chance I could assist in helping you create something you want to share with the world.

    Carrie Spott Stockmal 610-639-6897



  2. Linda Tino says:

    These kids say it better than any of us could! I will do my best to educate everyone I know. “The Gang” deserves to be heard.


  3. Snow White - aka - Colleen says:

    How about members of “The Gang” do a presentation on Autism Empowerment? Leave a Reply if you would be interested in attending this type of event?


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